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The Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation

Celebrates its 17thYear Anniversary!


The Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation celebrated its 17th year as INO #239 under President Choi Jung Hwa.


 January 11th, 2022 marked the C.E.T.F. 's 17th year anniversary of serving

the community and welcomes many years to come.


 It’s always a great honor to be in the service of such a great leader Choi Jung Hwa(Son of General Choi) and continue the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi (founder of Taekwon-Do) and share fellowship with our Brothers and Sisters In Taekwon-Do as we receive guidance from our President, the Son of General Choi.




 We toast the benchmark of the longest-standing INO in Canada in 2022. 2022 marked 17 years of I.N.O #239. The significance is, since founding INO # 239 at the request of President Choi back in 2005,

 It has remained steadfast in supporting the development and growth of I.T.F. Taekwon-Do in Canada under the leadership of Master Michel Demers to this day and for the foreseeable future.  




 We look forward to the future and endeavor to continue service to President Choi and the ITF with the fortitude and consistency that has brought us to date!



Ontario ,Canada!










2018 ITF Canadian World Championship

Ms. Hollie Lake

2018 ITF World Patterns Champion-4th Degree(35yrs+)

2018 ITF World Power Breaking Champion(Women's 35yrs+)

(7 x ITF World Champion)

Mr. Troy El Bey

2018 ITF World Power Breaking Champion(Men's 35yrs+)

(2 x ITF World Champion)

CETF Senior Promotions

December 2018

Ms. S. Beekmans

Mrs. T, Ford

Mrs. C. Demers

Mr. T. El Bey

Ms. H. Lake

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