The Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation

Celebrates its 15thYear Anniversary!


The Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation celebrated its 15th year as INO #239 under President Choi Jung Hwa.


 On January 11th, 2020 some Canadian Instructors sat down to the annual dinner with President Choi to culminate the year's end and welcome another year to come.


 It’s always a great honour to be in the presence of such a great leader and break bread and have fellowship with our Brothers and Sisters In Taekwon-Do as we receive words of wisdom from our President, the Son of General Choi.


 President Choi was very pleased to hear the announcement of the return of Master Rai to the Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation. 


 We also toasted the benchmark of the longest standing INO in Canada. 2020 marks 15 years; with the three ITF members which played significant roles in founding INO # 239 at the request of President Choi back in 2005., 

 Master Parm Rai, Master Michel Demers, and Master Chris Reid!


 The dinner was a festive meal with great comradery!

An evening with gleans of memories and events of the past, President Choi shared awesome accounts of his personal journey in Taekwon-Do and Life as well as a glimpse of his vision for the future of Taekwon-Do.


 Everyone was in agreement, It was truly an honour to be present!


 We look forward to the future and endeavour to continue service to President Choi and the ITF with the fortitude and consistency that has brought us to date!



Toronto ,Canada!










2018 ITF Canadian World Championship

Ms. Hollie Lake

2018 ITF World Patterns Champion-4th Degree(35yrs+)

2018 ITF World Power Breaking Champion(Women's 35yrs+)

(7 x ITF World Champion)

Mr. Troy El Bey

2018 ITF World Power Breaking Champion(Men's 35yrs+)

(2 x ITF World Champion)

CETF Senior Promotions

December 2018

Ms. S. Beekmans

Mrs. T, Ford

Mrs. C. Demers

Mr. T. El Bey

Ms. H. Lake

Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation, I.N.O. # 239

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